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Welcome to Wymondham Archers Sign Up Form.

First of all, we do not share your data - we promise.

Now, if you are a Transfer in, or are a competent archer or want to shoot at Wymondham Archers as a second club member please have your Archery GB Number handy. We'll need this to verify who you are. If you can't find it or don't have one, no worries, I'm sure we'll get around it, especially if you contact us by email with your query. chairwymondhamarchers@gmail.com 

If you are an absolute beginner, yes we really do need to know your handedness... Please complete all the boxes. Once received we will be able to provide the correct equipment for your age and handedness.

Once you have signed up, please give us a few days. We do get notified that you are interested, we will do our best to contact you as quickly as possible.

Thank You,
Wymondham Archers
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Please let us know if you have a disability so we can make suitable arrangements.
Dates will be confirmed via email.
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